Thinking about Photo Booth Hire? It’s the best fun you’ll ever have!

Hire a Vintage Photo Booth Remember that traditional photo booth that you may have seen at your local post office or supermarket where you could get your passport photo taken.

The photo booth would have a little curtained-off area with a single seat which you would spin round to get your head lined up properly with the camera. You’d put your money in the slot and 4 or 5 pictures would be taken automatically – two you would normally pose nicely for (it was your passport photo after all) and the other two or three you would crack a funny face to show off to your friends and get a laugh.  A few flashes and some whirring later, your little strip of photos would magically appear out of the side of the machine – great fun!

Well fast forward to the present time and hiring a photo booth is the number one "to-do" task for almost any event organiser.

Creative event organisers took the original passport booth concept a little further – making the photo booth a bit bigger so a few of you can fit inside, but still keeping the instant gratification of automatically printed pictures – add in some props, and the odd partaking of alcohol and suddenly you have something that can really put the spark into an event or party.

Here's what you need to know about Renting a Photo Booth

Girl have fun with photo boothThe Photo Booth market was initially quite small with only a couple of vendors offering it as a specialised service. But now the photo booth rental market has boomed, with not only companies being created just to service the photo booth market, but also traditional event organisers and planners are getting in on the act and adding a photo booth option to their portfolio of products.  Even the traditional wedding photographer is embracing the technology and adding a photo booth product as an option to their existing wedding coverage.

Hiring a photo booth is easy – the hardest thing is just figuring out all the options available and ensuring that the company providing the service provides a great job and good value.


Starting a Photo Booth Business - Get expert guidance before you jump in!

The Photo Booth market is positively booming, and if you are a budding entrepreneur this could present a fabulous opportunity to add a new niche to an existing business or as a completely new venture.

Of course with any new venture, there comes challenges and lots of things to learn – what type of photo booth should I buy? What should I budget? What camera equipment do I need?

Wedding Photo Booth HireOf course you can’t simply walk into a local camera store and buy a photo booth – it is a specialist purchase, filled with pitfalls – make sure you don’t make a mistake – read our comprehensive buying guide on how to buy a photo booth.

What kind of events are photo booths suitable for?

The eponymous wedding photo booth is probably most people’s introduction to the modern photo booth, but they are ideal crowd pleaser and ice-breaker add-ons for almost any event you can imagine.

Some style of photo booth are better suited for certain events, but if you are looking for something to add a spark to your upcoming event, a photo booth is an ideal event addition.